If you have never experienced a gout attack, then you really have no idea of what living with this condition is like. Actually, experiencing a painful gout attack can be compared to joining an elite club, of which you don’t really ever want to become a member. I have taken a kick to the junk and I have also dislocated my shoulder. Let me confess that none of the pain I experienced during those times comes even close to gout. I am neither exaggerating nor kidding; gout is a very serious health problem and the pain and health complications it causes are quite extensive.

Quality sleep is something you can forget about when you have gout. Generally, even the light weight of your bed sheet touching your toe is simply too much anguish. I was literally getting zero sleep since nothing relieves or helps to relieve the pain. Gout is by far the most extreme pain I have ever felt in my life. Usually, when a bone is broken, you can find a comfortable position in which there is a reduced level of pain. With gout, do not expect any positions of comfort.

Life was practically a sum of pain killers and endless doctor’s appointments. The pain was the hardest thing to explain to my doctors. Most of them even thought that it was just all in my mind. That is why it was very important to start with describing just how painful this condition was to live with. And I say was with a smile on my face. I am forever grateful to The Gout Code program for showing me home remedies for gout that let me get rid of that pain and simply gave me my life back.

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Understanding Gout

Gout is essentially a crystalline infection where crystals accumulate within the joints in a localized part of the body. While this build up can occur anywhere, from the elbows, knees and hands, it is most commonly found in the feet. The crystals accumulation is caused by excessive amounts of uric acid. Personally, if anyone asked me I would say that the crystals are simply the magic portal that opens to a whole new world of unparalleled pain.

The presence of high amounts of uric acid is due to some proteins not being well processed by the kidneys and liver. There are many reasons why this occurs, but it is largely due taking insufficient water and a poor diet. If you consume too much soft drinks or alcohol and lots of protein in your diet, then you can easily build up lots of uric acid and eventually get gout attacks.

I personally have this gout problem because of a trauma I suffered years ago that damaged my liver severely. In addition, in my quest to deal with relentless migraines, I used quite a lot of over the counter pain relievers. Actually, the liver damage was very serious and it almost cost me my life. The result of having a hampered liver is that my kidneys were overworked. This meant that proteins were not being broken down correctly, leading to uric acid build-up and then I get gout attacks.

In short, my experience with gout before I got my hands on The Gout Code was simply dealing with unrelenting pain and ineffective solutions – most other home remedies for gout simply don’t work. Maybe I was utterly cruel to some puppies in a previous life, because the pain was nothing like I had ever experienced before. That led me to try out a wide range of treatment options, which I will explain further below as well as some tips on managing gout.

One of the most unique things about gout is that you can actually “feel” the attacks before they arrive. What can you do to prepare for its arrival? Make sure you check out The Gout Code for more insights and tips. Below is one of my gout experiences to help give you some tis.

One night, as I was driving back home from a work party, I felt gout attacking my right foot. I started to prepare mentally for the pain that I was about to deal with when I reached home. Here are a few things that I did that night at home before sleeping.

  • Drink lots of water right away
  • Elevate my right foot with a pillow when sleeping
  • Try to ensure my foot is warm enough by covering it using a light blanket when sleeping

After doing these three things that night, I hoped for less pain in the morning. Luckily, my right foot was in decent condition the following morning. That procedure seemed to offer great results at minimizing the gout pain. However, I still needed a way to permanently get rid of the problem, and that is why I turned to The Gout Code. It is through its innovative home remedies for gout that I was finally able to get permanent relief and my quality of life has since drastically improved.

You might be wondering why I did those 3 things, and I will explain it here below.

  • Drink lots of water


It is advisable to drink lots of water even when you start experiencing the gout attacks. The reason this is highly recommended is that the water helps to dilute the concentration of uric acid in your blood. Furthermore, it also helps by discharging toxic wastes and urine with your body. That is why I would drink enough water until I went to the washroom for two times before going to sleep. Nevertheless, should make sure you are not overdoing it by drinking more than 0.7 liters of water per hour. Research shows that our kidneys are not capable of handling that much water within a short time.

  • Keeping the affected foot warm enough

The reason for doing this action is largely related to how the process of gout attack begins. Basically, gout attacks are an inflammation of the joint caused by small urate crystals accumulating in the joints. These crystals are formed due to high uric acid concentrations that reach their saturation point. It has been shown that this saturation point where crystals start forming is dependent on the temperature of the area. Generally, a lower temperature translates to lower saturation point.

That is why gout attacks usually occur in the extremities, particularly the big toe. When we are asleep, our overall body temperature becomes really low, particularly the extremities. Hence, winter nights are some of the most favorable times for gout attacks. This means that keeping your foot warm when you sleep is crucial to help improve the pain relief process. For complete pain relief from gout, you must refer to further guidelines as provided in The Gout Code program.

  • Elevating the affected foot with a pillow

Proper blood circulation is another essential part of living with gout attacks. Keeping your foot elevated helps your blood to flow away from your extremities and lowers the chances of crystals forming in the joints. The other reason why elevating your foot is important is because it helps in reducing both the pain and the swelling during a gout attack.

I usually relied on these three simple steps to get me through my gout attacks. I hope that my experience will be of help to others. However, remember that these are just my own home remedies for gout to help manage the pain. I would still end up with painful gout attacks despite all these steps. That is when I started searching online for a more thorough solution and it is through that extensive research that I discovered The Gout Code.

My Gout Code Experience

I have mentioned The Gout Code several times above as I was narrating my experience, and it is with good reason. After suffering with gout for 3 years, I had tried all kinds of treatments without any kind of success. One thing that this program teaches you is that medications are only short term pain relief solutions. I was not very keen on remaining on drugs for the rest of my life. Most importantly, the gout medications had already started to give me some nasty side effects, especially to my digestive system.

I’m indeed very happy that I found The Gout Code because it deeply resonated with what I was seeking and it actually provided me with lasting results. Right from the start, the program shows the nature of gout and what it takes to permanently stop. I had done extensive research on gout and I knew that it was simply the effects of an accumulation of waste products in the body. My body had been coping well with these waste products very effectively for a long time, before my liver trauma. The program is therefore designed in such a way that it gets your body back to the optimal functioning level where it can easily fight gout.

The Gout Code is a better and more realistic method of dealing with the hardships of gout in an efficient, fast manner. The main objective that I was looking for when looking for a gout treatment is to find one that I could comfortably sustain. While the artificial gout medications were effective for some time, they usually came with their own side effects. I was easily irritable, hard to live with and my digestive system also suffered immensely. The medication appeared to bring in its own complications, and that is definitely what I considered a long term solution.

Luckily, this new program focuses more on the essential underlying imbalances and not just masking your gout symptoms. Actually, this is a far better approach than simply taking some pain killers when the gout attacks begin. This was a mistake that many of us who suffer from gout make. We take the pain relieving medication and hope for the best. However, the truth is that the problem still persists and the pain never really goes away. The solution is to deal with the main underlying or main causes for the pain and that is exactly what the program does in a straightforward way. The main aim of this program is to provide a permanent solution to your gout problem and not just a temporary pain relief.

Personally, I was very relieved that The Gout Code did not consist of some restrictive dieting program. I am aware that diet does play a major role in gout, but that does not mean that I should lose my taste buds. The programs emphasizes on a more holistic lifestyle change and natural home remedies for gout, as evident by some of its bonuses. I found the guide on losing ten pounds naturally quite informative and a major eye-opener. I loved the fact that long term gout prevention and treatment was more holistic and did not just focus on one area. With this plan, I still enjoy my favorite drinks and foods, though more responsibly and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Incorporating The Gout Code in my life was very easy. In fact, it only took a couple of minutes of time every day. That unrelenting pain I mentioned above was now quickly going away. In reality, within a week I had noticed significant changes in my gout problem. I even surprised my wife with salsa lessons at the local studio. While I am still far away from sweeping her off her feet with my dance moves, I must confess that our lives have been changed drastically.

Final Thoughts

Any gout treatment that you decide to use must be a sensible and reliable one. Otherwise, it will become a huge challenge that you will not be able to follow through. I have tried a few impractical solutions myself, so I do know what gout sufferers go through when they are looking for a solution. I have also succumbed to the short term medications just to gain moderate pain relief. Additionally, I even used some very strict diet strategies in the hopes of dealing with gout, but it was simply not enough.

The Gout Code delivers straightforward, easy to use home remedies for gout and is an effective method of gout treatment. It is a holistic guide that not only get rids of gout, but also gives you the energy to get on with your life. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend this guide to anyone suffering with gout. Check out http://www.goutcode.com/ for more information on how to get this effective program.